Bausch and Lomb Back in Business

It looks like some of Bausch and Lomb’s troubles are finally beginning to show resolution. The company has reported that their contact lens solution plant in Greenville has cleared inspection by federal regulators. This is one of the few positive steps the company has achieved over the past year and a half after they have suffered from two contact lens solution product recalls.

The first recall of their top line Renu with MoistureLoc was completely discontinued last year after the solution was connected to hundreds of cases of Fusarium keratitis, a dangerous eye infection which in extreme cases can lead to blindness. But this didn’t end the company’s troubles a few months later Bausch and Lomb had to recall millions of bottles of their Renu MultiPlus after trace amounts of iron were detected in the solution which could cause the cleaner to lose effectiveness earlier than it should. While this was a temporary recall and no actual cases of consumers hurt by the product, the recall of Renu MultiPlus was a big blow to the company’s reputation since this was considered a proven and tested solution for contact lenses.

With the two recalls coming one after the other and the second being announced while many lawsuits are still underway against the company, the future did not look good for B&L. But with Bausch and Lomb’s new ownership, many believe the company can turn itself around. The company is putting a lot of weight in marketing their new line of silicon hydrogel contact lenses sold under the Purevision brand and consider the Purevision line to be the catalyst for driving future growth.