Freshlook Colorblends Toric

Freshlook Colorblends Toric contact lens, manufactured by Ciba Vision, is part of the Freshlook Colors Collection. The Freshlook Colorblends Toric is, however, a special part of the collection since it is designed for wearer’s suffering from astigmatism. Unlike the rest of the Freshlook Colors collection, which can be worn even by people with 20/20 vision, Freshlook Colorblends Toric lenses can be worn only by astigmatic patients. Ciba Vision came up with Freshlook Colorblends Toric contact lenses to address the needs of astigmatic people who want or need to change their eye color. Freshlook Colorblends Toric actually has a very large market since, although unknown to most, astigmatism is actually the most common eye or vision problem. Astigmatism blurs a person’s vision and can even result to headaches when severe. Ordinary contact lenses can not be worn by astigmatic patients since it would just result to further deterioration of their vision. People with strong prescriptions aside from astigmatism will also find Freshlook Colorblends Toric lenses very useful. Freshlook Colorblends Toric lenses can also be used along with prescription glasses or other prescription contact lenses.

Freshlook Colorblends will, however, not warrant the Freshlook name if it does not fulfill the purpose of Freshlook contact lenses, which is to change the wearers’ eye color. Like the ordinary Freshlook Colorblends, Freshlook Colorblends Toric contact lenses are designed for dark eye colors. Freshlook Colorblends Toric lenses are manufactured via the same new technology used by Freshlook Colorblends, which combines three colors in one contact lens resulting to a very subtle and normal looking color change. Available colors of Freshlook Colorblends Toric are: Honey, Gray, Green, and Blue. The tint found on Freshlook Colorblends Toric contact lenses does not in anyway the quality of vision it affords the wearer.

For people who are not sure whether they want to change their eye color or find it difficult to choose the new eye color they want, free trials are available in eye care professional clinics. The free trials are there to aid in your decision making. Note that for people with astigmatism, free trials will not use actual Freshlook Colorblends Toric lenses. This should not pose any problem; however, since the change eye color will still be evident.

Freshlook Colorblends Toric contact lenses are daily wear disposable contact lenses. Freshlook Colorblends Toric Contact lenses should be cleaned and stored at the end of each day to avoid eye irritation. Although the contact lenses’ tint will not fade in two weeks, they are designed to be used and stored for up to that time only before they are disposed of and replaced.

Freshlook Colorblends lenses are available in packs of 6 and can be bought in optical retail stores and most optometry and ophthalmology clinics. Prices range for each retail store but range from $47 to $54.

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