Acuvue Advance

During the early years of contact lenses, it is but natural for people to feel discomfort wearing them. Not only were the contact lenses of old thick and unwieldy, the surfaces were solid and did not allow for air or moisture to circulate. Through technological developments, the days of chunky contact lenses are gone and most everybody can wear contact lenses without experiencing any form of discomfort.

Despite the advancements in the industry, there are still some people who experience adverse reactions to their contact lenses. They still have a slight sense of discomfort. These individual need not have to concede to spectacles or reading glasses. They can still wear contact lenses, they just have to find one that is suitable for them and Acuvue, the world’s leading contact lens brand has a product that may just be the answer these individuals are looking for.

Acuvue Advance is a kind of lens that provides users with a unique, soft and silky feel that lasts all day long. There is very little or no need for contact lens drops nor will you have to remove your lenses to give your eyes a rest. Acuvue Advance lenses are manufactured using Hydraclear, a breakthrough material that allows the lens to feel soft, wet and flexible the whole day through. The hydraclear material does not affect the ability of your Acuvue Lens to correct myopia (short / near sightedness) or hyperopia (long / far sightedness)

In addition to the unique hydraclear material composition, Acuvue Advance provides wearers with maximum UV protection. All Acuvue products, including Acuvue Advance, are treated to block out almost 98% of the sun’s harmful UV rays. Not only will you feel comfortable in your Acuvue Advance lenses, portions of your eyes will also be safe and protected.

Acuvue Advance Contact Lenses are considered as extended wear lenses. They can be used for seven days straight (without removing them for cleaning or disinfecting), or for a maximum of 14 days if you dutifully remove them at night and rinse or soak them in cleaning solutions.

Like all Acuvue products, Acuvue Advance has an inside-out mark which makes insertion of the lens in your eyes easier. In addition, Acuvue Advance lenses are tinged with a light blue hue. This colour does not, in any way, affect your eyesight but makes the lenses easier to see, especially if these are submerged in rinsing solutions.

Acuvue Advance can be purchased from any optical shop, pharmacy or even through the internet. Since Acuvue Advance is designed to correct visual problems, it is advised that you consult with an eye-care specialist or optometrist before you make any purchase, else you run the risk of experiencing more discomfort if you buy the wrong brand.

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