Biomedic contact lenses are a product of Ocular Sciences, Inc., a manufacturer of a broad line of high-quality, competitively priced soft contact lenses marketed directly to eye care practitioners.

Recently, Ocular Sciences, Inc was acquired by CooperVision and this established the latter as one of the leaders in contact lens design, materials, and manufacturing.
Under the Biomedics brand are the following highly recognized breakthrough contact lens products:

Biomedics 38 – These are 1-2 week disposable soft contact lenses that are available in the market under a number of private labels (including Ultraflex 38) depending on the eye doctors and optical chains from which these are being made available.
Although tinted, these lenses were not created like this to change the color of the patient’s eyes but to contribute to the ease of handling in case the patient drops the lenses accidentally and they become difficult to find. The tint will also help to locate the contact lenses while in solution.
Soaked in buffered saline solution to ensure comfort and ease of wearing, Biomedics 38 contact lenses are precision crafted to ensure consistently sharp vision.

Biomedics 55 – This 2-week replacement lenses are great for first-time contact lens users simply because their advanced lens design provides exceptionally crisp vision, comfort and ease in handling. Manufactured with a bluish tint for ease of identification and handling, Biomedics 55 lenses are also packaged as Clinasoft, Mediflex, Versaflex and Ultraflex.

Biomedics Premier – These 2-week Replacement Aspheric Lenses have been clinically proven to provide excellent performance and to give their users the best vision possible.
Biomedics Premier was produced with an aspheric optical design that is optimized to precisely focus light traveling through the contact lens and human eye resulting in an improved image quality. A recent clinical study showed that Biomedics® Premier™ is the only lens that can effectively control spherical aberration both in the lens and in the human eye. Spherical aberration is the inability of a lens to focus light on a common point. The ability of Biomedics® Premier™ to control aberration produces a contact lens that can provide clearer, crisper, sharper vision. Moreover, the latest thinner patented edge design has also provided unrivalled wearing comfort as compared to other contact lenses. Whether it be better vision or better comfort that you are after, Biomedics® Premier™ is the clear and definite choice.

Biomedics Toric – Biomedics Toric is the ideal response to the clamor of astigmatic users for soft contact lenses that will combine both correction of the vision impairment with the ease and comfort of a 2-week disposable lens. Biomedics Toric contact lens is the benchmark soft lens and is noted as the most stable Toric lens in the market. This means crisp and clear vision all day long for the user plus unparalleled and lasting comfort provided by a new thinner patented edge. also provides a higher level of lasting comfort compared to other toric lenses. A recent clinical study revealed that Biomedics Toric was the preferred Toric lens of 8 out of 10 patients with astigmatism who chose Biomedics Toric over their current lens brand for overall satisfaction.
Biomedics Toric provides astigmatic patients with a clear choice for superior vision and comfort. These lenses come in a wide range of parameters from which eye care practitioners can choose for use by their patients thereby allowing more astigmatic visual needs to be addressed.
Ultraflex 38 — A private brand from Ocular Sciences, Inc., Ultraflex 38 contact lenses are also packaged as Biomedics 38. These are 1-2-week lenses that you wear everyday and remove at night but toss away and replace after two weeks of use. The cleaning and disinfecting of these lenses, while required, are not as tedious and demanding as other brands of soft contact lenses.

Ultraflex 38 – was manufactured using contact lens material that can resist protein build-up in your lenses for good eye health and crisp vision. Ultraflex 38 contact lenses also come in a bluish tint for easy handling.

Ultraflex 55 – Another brand from Ocular Sciences, Inc., Ultraflex 55 are packaged under the names Aqualens, Hydroflex and Biomedics. They are 2-week disposable contact lenses for patients suffering from astigmatism. Ultraflex 55 contact lenses are made up of 55% water and 45% Ocufilcon D polymer which keeps the lenses moist all the time. This eliminates the risk of protein build up in the eyes that can cause bad eye infection. Ultraflex 55 contact lenses are easy to use, safe, and totally comfortable.

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