Focus Toric

Focus Toric contact lenses, made by Ciba Vision, is part of the Focus Monthly contact lens line. Focus Toric contact lenses are specifically designed to suit the needs of people suffering from astigmatism. Like all contact lenses in the Focus Monthly line, the Focus Toric contact lens is made very comfortable to wear, convenient to use, and comes with a very affordable price tag.

People suffering from astigmatism, a condition that affects around 40 to 50 percent of the population, usually have a hard time focusing resulting to a blurred vision. This is true for both nearsighted and farsighted astigmatic people. Astigmatism can also result in headaches and dizziness. Unfortunately, astigmatism is not addressed using ordinary contact lenses. People who wear ordinary prescription contact lenses and suffer from astigmatism will find that their astigmatism will often get worse in the long run. Astigmatism is usually corrected using one of the following; astigmatism prescribed glasses, rigid contact lenses, and laser eye surgery. However the usual methods of correcting astigmatism are either cumbersome and uncomfortable or expensive.

With the advent of toric contact lenses like Focus Toric, a new and better way of correcting astigmatism was found. Instead of having to wear clunky glasses or irritating rigid contacts patients now have the option of using comfortable contact lenses. Focus Toric contact lenses come in 3,000 prescriptions to ensure that the specific prescription needs of each astigmatic patient is addressed. When using Focus Toric contact lenses wearers will find that their vision is just as clear and as crisp as when they are wearing their prescription eyeglasses with the added benefit that there is no edge to the clear vision. Everywhere you look straight forward, up, down, or to either side Focus Toric contact lenses will provide a satisfactorily crystal clear vision as if the wearer is not suffering from astigmatism at all.

Focus Toric contact lenses are also very comfortable to wear since it makes use of a 55% water-based material that resists protein build-up. Due to this material the soft contact lens is less irritating to the eye. It also provides a very comfortable fit giving wearers the confidence that their contact lens will not be easily dislodged.

Focus Toric lenses are also very convenient to use and clean. They are tinted light blue using the patented Visitint. The light blue tint makes it easy to find in the solution and see when putting on in the eye.

And last but not the least Focus Toric lenses are very affordable. They come in packs of 6 lenses in each box. They can be bought for around $35-$65 each depending on the retail store. When buying online allow for shipping costs.

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