Frequency 55

Frequency 55, manufactured by Coopervision, is a planned replacement contact lens which is designed to be replaced every three months. Frequency 55 contact lenses are sold in boxes of 6 lenses each. Since Frequency 55 is a planned replacement contact lens it costs much less than contact lenses than permanent contact lenses, which are replaced yearly.

The Frequency 55 contact lenses are designed such that wearers can use them as a daily wear contact lens or extended wear contact lens. Using the Frequency 55 contact lens for daily wear means that the wearer needs to put the contact lens on at the start of the day and take them off at the end of the day. This way of using Frequency 55 lenses are recommended for wearers with sensitive eyes. For people who do not want to be hassled with taking their lenses on and off and with having to clean and rinse their lenses as well each day, Frequency 55 is still suitable since it is designed to function for extended wear. Extended wear contact lenses can be worn for up to 7 days without removal. This is possible because Frequency 55 makes use of a special material which resists protein build up. With ordinary lenses the protein build-up will be too great if it isn’t removed in a day or two resulting to considerable eye irritation as well as a cloudy vision due to dirty lens. On the other hand, with Frequency 55 the protein build-up is very slow that there is no need for the wearer to clean it everyday with the exception of those with sensitive eyes. Another benefit of the Frequency 55’s protein build-up resistant material is that there is no need to use special cleaners that dissolve proteins (protein removers) for up to three months. With periodical cleaning and rinsing the Frequency 55 contact lens is guaranteed to provide a clear vision without cloudy protein deposits.

The Frequency 55 is also very comfortable to use and easy to clean and find. Due to its light blue tint the Frequency 55 is easy to locate when submerged in its solution. The tine is however very subtle and does not affect the wearer’s eye color nor does it interfere with the lens’ ability to provide a clear vision.

For those interested in buying a Frequency 55 contact lens note that the Frequency 55 is sold and packaged under many different private names. Frequency 55 also goes under the name of Copper Flex Envoy and OneVue 55. Any and all of these products were made using the same technology called UltraSync technology and are made by the same manufacturer, Coopervision, using the same standards and quality control.

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