Biomedics 38

Disposable contact lenses were introduced in 1987. They are designed to be worn for a prescribed period of time then discarded and replaced with a new pair of lenses. They are the most popular type of contact lenses because of their health and convenience benefits.

Biomedics 38 contact lenses by pharmaceutical giant Ocular Sciences are daily wear disposable lenses worn for one to two weeks and then discarded. Disposable contact lenses are classified into four categories – disposable, frequent replacement and traditional (reusable) lenses. Disposable lenses are replaced every two weeks or sooner. Frequent replacement lenses are replaced every month or every quarter. Traditional lenses are replaced every six months or longer. The term “disposable” can refer to both disposable and frequent replacement lenses.

Biomedics 38 contact lenses assure you of fresh and clean contacts everyday as they are replaced within two weeks. This will ensure that there will be no protein deposits from the contact lens surface, thus promising comfortable wear. Biomedics 38 contact lenses guarantee sharp vision. They are tinted lightly for easier handling. The light tint makes it easy to insert, remove or locate the lenses or when they are dropped. Biomedics 38 contact lenses are ideal for first time wearers. Biomedics 38 lenses contain 38% water, thus, allowing oxygen through more easily. Your eyes are hydrated and will enjoy greater all day comfort. What’s more, Biomedics 38 contact lenses are easy on the pocket. They are available in packs of 6. Biomedics 38 contact lenses are also packaged under the brand names Mediflex, Versafles and Ultraflex.

For better vision for daily activities and all-round protection, use Biomedics 38 contact lenses – lenses so comfortable and easy to wear.

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