Focus 1-2 Week

Even before the arrival of disposable contact lenses, frequent lens replacement was recommended by eye care practitioners. Back then, contact lenses were too expensive to discard frequently. Instead, cleaning solutions and gadgets were used to extend the life span of contact lenses. With new developments, manufacturers were able to invent new manufacturing techniques to produce good quality lenses in bigger volume and at lower costs. This led to lower contact lens prices enabling the wearers to replace their contact lenses more often.

Introduced in 1987, one to two week disposable contact lenses are worn for one to two weeks only and disposed of. Because disposable contact lenses are replaced with new lenses, it is faintly remote that you will suffer from eye irritation or itchiness brought about by protein debris accumulation on your lenses. No need for constant cleaning of contact lenses. Replacing lenses on regular basis keeps the eyes healthy and free from film and deposits that can build up on the lenses.

Frequency of replacement, either one or two weeks, depends more on how the eyes function while wearing the contact lenses. Some people produce more protein and so lenses need to be replaced more often. If you suffer from allergies, lenses need to be replaced also frequently notably during adverse allergy season.

Focus 1-2 Week disposable contact lenses are manufactured by Ciba Vision. They are worn daily for up to two weeks and then discarded. Because they are customarily replaced with fresh lenses, your eyes are assured of all day comfort sans irritation or infections due to protein debris. Focus 1-2 Week contact lenses are made up of a unique soft material that moisturizes the eyes on contact so you hardly notice that you are wearing them at all. It feels comfortable from the moment you put them on until you remove them at the end of the day. Focus 1-2 Week contact lenses are visibility tinted for easier handling. The light blue tint does not change the natural color of the eyes.

Focus 1-2 Week contact lenses are made up of 55% water and 45% vifilcon A. This lets more oxygen transmission to the eyes. Focus 1-2 Week lenses are breathable that you can comfortably wear them all day, as long as you like. You get to experience whiter, brighter and healthy-looking eyes without the redness. Focus 1-2 Week contact lenses are suitable for weekend activities, parties, short trips or sport games and everyday use. It is an all occasion contact lens.

You do not need deep pockets to wear 1-2 Week contact lenses. Ciba Vision offers these high quality contact lenses at an amazingly reasonable price. They are available in packs of 6 in a buffered saline solution. Focus 1-2 Week contact lenses were formerly known as NewVue contact lenses.
Give your eyes a breath of fresh air; use Focus 1-2 Week contact lenses and experience outstanding comfort and convenience. Open your eyes to the easy luxury of Focus 1-2 Week contact lenses.

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