Biomedics Premier

For people with vision impairment such as slight astigmatism, a condition wherein the irregular shape of the cornea causes blurred vision, contact lenses are effective and convenient tools. Contact lenses are thin, curved plastic lenses designed to correct vision by changing the way light enters the eye through the alteration of the curvature of the cornea, the front covering of the eye.

Biomedics Premier contact lenses are manufactured by pharmaceutical giant Ocular Sciences Inc. USA. They are also referred to as Biomedics Aspheric contact lenses. Aspheric contact lenses have a different shape and are of a higher grade than regular or spherical lenses. Spherical lenses correct basic vision problems like nearsightedness and farsightedness. They assist the eyes to focus and sustain sharp vision. Aspheric contact lenses compensate blurred or skewed vision caused by slight astigmatism. Biomedics Premier contact lenses are thin and flat to minimize aberrations and distortions which are common with thick spherical lenses. Biomedics Premier contact lenses control the inability of a lens to focus light on a common point.

Biomedics Premier contact lenses are worn daily for up to two weeks or continuously for up to six nights then discarded and replaced with a new and sterilized pair. This prevents day to day protein deposit build-up thereby eliminating the risk of eye infections.

Biomedics Premier contact lenses are lightly tinted for easy handling and will not change the color of the eyes. The light blue tint is simply intended to help locate the contact lenses in cleaning solution. The tint makes it easy to insert and remove the lenses. Before inserting and after removing the Biomedics Premier contact lenses from the eyes, rinse the lenses with contact lens solution first. After removing, store them in a case filled with fresh contact lens solution. If you do not wear your Biomedics Premier lenses everyday, make it a point to still change the lens solution with fresh solution once a week to avoid bacteria getting onto the lenses.

Biomedics Premier contact lenses have a high water content that allows more oxygen transfer to your eyes. This ensures all day eye moisture. No more dry eyes. Biomedics Premier lenses provide better lens comfort and enhance visual clarity. The non-ionic Biomedics Premier lens material resists protein deposits ensuring optimum health and clear, crisp vision. Also, its unique thin patented round edges provide excellent vision and better comfort.

A box of Biomedics Premier contact lenses contains six sterile disposable lenses at a remarkably affordable price. Clearly, with Biomedics Premier contact lenses, you can open your eyes to one of the most comfortable Contact lenses available in the market. You can ask your eye care professional for a trial and see the difference.

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