Focus Monthly

Focus Monthly is a contact lens line made by Ciba Vision. The Focus Monthly contact lens line offers a variety of options that answers a wide range of conditions like astigmatism, presbyopia, eye color change, UV protection, and ordinary prescriptions. The Focus Monthly line includes Focus Monthly, Focus Monthly Toric, Focus Monthly Progressives, Focus Monthly SoftColors and Focus Monthly Precision UV.

All Focus Monthly contact lenses are made from 55% water and are designed to be replaced every month. The ordinary Focus Monthly contact lens is ideal for people with mild to strong prescriptions. Focus Monthly provides a crisp and clear vision, great comfort, and convenience, all at a very affordable price.

The superior comfort Focus Monthly lenses can be attributed to its lens composition. Since it is made of 55% water the lens material lessens the chance of protein build-up. Protein build-up leads to a cloudy vision and eye irritation. Since Focus Monthly lenses are also designed to be replaced every month this even further reduces the chance of protein build-up and thus adds to the comfort.
Focus Monthly contact lenses is also able to provide comfort due to its great fit. They are not easily dislodged and are perfect for active people. And without the prescription glasses in the way, Focus Monthly wearers can wear sunglasses without any hassle.

Focus Monthly contact lenses are also very convenient to use. The lenses are slightly tinted (blue) using the patented Visitint feature. Due to the slight tint of each lens it makes it a whole lot easier for wearers to locate their contact lenses that are submerged in their solution. It also makes it easier to look for lenses in case they fall before being put on. Since Focus Monthly contact lenses are disposable every month there is no need for frequent protein removal since the lens will usually be disposed of before protein can build-up that much. This is usually the case unless the wearer has sensitive eyes in which case a more frequent protein removal is still recommended to avoid eye irritation.

Focus Monthly contact lenses are also conveniently packed in boxes of 6 lenses each. So instead of having to buy a new pair each month wearers always have a couple of spare pair of lenses ready for use after disposing of their first lens. This makes it more convenient compared to having to buy a new pair of lens each month.

Focus Monthly lenses also come at a very affordable price. The price for each box varies for each retail store but cost around $20 – $36 per box. The lenses are available online, in local optical retail stores, and in most optometry and ophthalmology clinics.

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