Focus Dailies

Focus Dailies contact lenses from Ciba Vision are daily disposable lenses that give you the comfort of new and clean lenses everyday. It takes convenience to the next level because there is no lens maintenance involved. You can say goodbye to solutions and the rinsing and sterilizing that comes with it. When using Focus dailies contact lenses wearers need only to put them on when the day begins and dispose of them out when the day is about to end.

Focus Dailies lenses are simple and yet the advantage they offer goes beyond the ease and convenience of use. Using Focus Dailies contact lenses is a very big advantage for people suffering from allergies. Allergy sufferers’ eyes are usually hypersensitive and gets easily irritated, which makes wearing even soft contact lenses difficult for most of them. Focus Dailies contact lenses are designed to minimize the irritating lens deposits lessening the chance for irritation to the allergy sufferers’ eyes. And since Focus Dailies contact lenses are replaced by new ones every day there is no need to worry about the protein build up due to prolonged use.

The all new Focus Dailies with AquaRelease also provides the ultimate experience in comfort. What AquaRelease gives is an encounter with freshness and all-day comfort thanks to the time-release moisturizing agent that kicks in with every blink your eye. The moisturizing agent is actually a kind of lubrication that leaves eyes feeling fresh all day long. The lubrication is discharged at a very precise rate to ensure maximum comfort. Using Focus Dailies with Aquarelease will surely feel a whole lot better in comparison with your older contact lenses.

Focus Dailies contact lenses are available in online stores, optical retail stores and most optometry and ophthalmology clinics. They can be bought in packs containing 30 lenses or packs containing 90 lenses. The price of each pack varies for each retail store but range from $17.95 – $22.95 for the 30 lenses per pack type and from $30.89 – $39.95 for the 90 lenses per pack type. Buying the pack with 90 lenses is definitely cheaper in terms of price per lens. For the 30 lens per pack the average price of each lens is $0.68 while it is $0.34 for the 90 lens per pack. So for customers planning on using Focus Dailies on a daily basis for a long time buying the 90 lens per pack is the way to go. However for those who need to use contact lenses for only a few weeks the 30 per pack is the right choice. It is also a good choice for people who have a need for contact lenses but for the moment doesn’t have the additional $10 that buying a 90 lens pack of Focus Dailies entails.

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