Focus Progressives

Focus Progressives, made by Ciba Vision Corporation, is part of the Focus Monthly family of lenses. Focus Progressives are however special contact lenses since they are designed for the use of people suffering from Presbyopia. Focus Progressives offer superior comfort and clarity of vision and is preferred by most Presbyopia sufferers – 5 to 1.

Presbyopia is an eye condition that naturally comes with age. When a person hits the forties or fifties, the eyes become less flexible and gradually lose the ability to focus well on objects that are near. The condition is especially notable when reading. Older people usually need to hold reading materials an arms length away, or even further, just to be able to focus and for the text to be legible.

The usual solution for Presbyopia is bifocal glasses. Bifocals are however inconvenient to use due to the dividing line. Many bifocal wearers complain of dizziness and sometimes even have their balance affected due to the confusing division between the two prescriptions. The good thing is that nowadays there are progressive glasses that can be worn instead of bifocals. Progressive glasses are better since they are seamless and so do not cause dizziness.

Focus Progressives contact lenses, however, is an even better option. It works like progressive glasses, has no dividing lines, gives a full clear peripheral view, and does not get in the way like eyeglasses sometimes do. With eyeglasses you can the clear vision gives way to fuzziness when you look up, down or to your left and right. With contact lenses it doesn’t matter where you look, Focus Progressives will always give you a clear view of things whether they be near or far. Another advantage of wearing Focus Progressives as opposed to bifocals of progressive eyeglasses is that you can move more freely. This is especially important for athletic people since glasses do get in the way of activities. It provides such a comfortable fit ensuring that the contact lenses will not be dislodged even with vigorous activity. Aside from these wearing non-prescription glasses is now possible with Focus Progressives so wearers can enjoy better eye protection from the sun as well as look good.

As mentioned earlier Focus Progressives is part of the Focus Monthly family, it is therefore a monthly disposable contact lens. Focus Progressives are designed to be used and stored for up to one month before being thrown away. The frequent replacement of contact lens ensures that the lens quality stays the same and that there is not much protein build up on the lens.

Focus Progressives are available in packs of 6. The price for each box ranges from $34 to $36. They are available in online store, optical retail stores, and eye care clinics.

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