Ciba Vision

CIBA Vision stands out as a global leader in the research, development and manufacturing of contact lenses and lens care products. With a spectrum of products that fulfill the needs and suit the lifestyle of users from 70 countries worldwide, CIBA Vision is always the company to go to for innovative alternatives to your vision needs.

Based in Atlanta, Georgia, CIBA Vision continues to explore new materials and devices that yield eye care breakthroughs. Its research and development (R&D) efforts have to date given rise to lenses such as O2OPTIX™, high-oxygen, breathable lenses for healthy eyes; NIGHT & DAY®, high-oxygen extended wear lenses that can be worn for up to 30 continuous nights; and Focus® DAILIES®, daily disposable contact lenses.
In addition, CIBA Vision is also noted to be the leading international company to provide color contact lenses that change and enhance eye color. CIBA Vision FreshLook® lenses, which enable users to change, enhance or illuminate their eyes, offer the widest variety of colors, modalities and color contact lens styles of any lens manufacturer.
Even in lens care, CIBA Vision has pioneered such products as AQuify® 5 Minute Multi-Purpose Solution and Clear Care®.
CIBA Vision is the eye care unit of Novartis AG, a world leader in healthcare with core businesses in pharmaceuticals, consumer health, pediatrics, eye care and animal health.

Contact Lenses

CIBA Vision’s wide-range of breakthrough contact lenses stand out for their convenience, comfort, quality, affordability, and performance. There are more contact lens options available to users from CIBA Vision than from any other manufacturer in the world. To be sure that you get the exact lens that you need, it’s best to talk to your eye care professional.

O2OPTIX™ Breathable Lenses
High-oxygen, breathable contact lenses that transmit up to five times more oxygen versus traditional soft contact lenses for whiter, healthy-looking eyes regardless of how long you wear your lenses each day.

NIGHT & DAY® Breathable Lenses
A revolutionary, high-oxygen transmissible lens that can be worn continuously for 24 hours a day for up to 30 days and nights even while you sleep.

Focus® DAILIES® Single Use Lenses
Once-daily disposable soft contact lenses that help provide the clearest, most comfortable vision possible.

FreshLook® Color Contact Lenses
Allows users to change, illuminate or enhance their natural eye color whether or not their eyes need correction and even if they have astigmatism.

Lenses for Astigmatism
CIBA Vision breaks the age-old idea that people suffering from astigmatism can no longer wear soft contact lenses. In fact, it gives users a wide variety of toric contact lenses depending on their specific correction needs.

  • Focus® DAILIES® Toric with AquaRelease™
  • Focus® Toric (Monthly disposable lenses)
  • FreshLook® Toric (1- 2 week disposable lenses)
  • FreshLook ColorBlends® Toric (3-colors-in-1 lenses)
  • DuraSoft® 3 OptiFit® ColorBlends® Toric (3-colors-in-1; annual replacement lenses)
  • DuraSoft® 2 OptiFit® Toric (4-colors-in-1; annual replacement lenses)
  • DuraSoft® 3 OptiFit® Toric (annual replacement lenses)
  • Torisoft® (annual replacement lenses)
  • CIBASOFT® Progressive Toric (specialty toric multifocal lens for presbyopic, astigmatic patients)
  • Bifocal Lenses
    A great-looking alternative to bifocal glasses, these soft contact lenses are so comfortable, you won’t realize you’re wearing them.

    Specialty and Prosthetic Lenses
    CIBA Vision offers a range of custom-made contact lenses designed to meet every person’s unique vision care needs.

    Lens Care

    Acknowledging that healthy eyes require good lens, CIBA Vision offers a full line of lens care products to ensure comfort, performance and convenience.

    AQuify® Multi-Purpose Solution
    For use with all soft contact lenses, this solution disinfects and moisturizes lenses in just 5 minutes for round-the-clock comfort.

    Clear Care®
    Triple-action cleaning and disinfecting solution removes protein build up from lenses and kills bacteria that can cause eye infections.

    AQuify® Long-Lasting Comfort Drops
    Blink-activated lens drop that assures wearing comfort by keeping your lenses moist.

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