Frequency 55 Toric

Frequency 55 Toric contact lenses, manufactured by Coopervision, is fast becoming one of the most popular monthly replacement soft toric contact lenses nowadays. It is made of 55% water and 45% methaflcon B polymer. Frequency 55 Toric lenses are sold by box with each box containing 6 soft monthly disposable lenses. Frequency 55 Toric contact lenses are made specifically to address the needs of people suffering from astigmatism.

Astigmatism is the most common vision problem but is seldom understood. Astigmatism is so common that people with slight astigmatism might not notice that they do have the condition. As the condition progresses people have a harder time in seeing fine details and eventually leads to a blurry vision. Astigmatism can be corrected using eyeglasses and special contact lenses. Wearing ordinary contact lenses when you have astigmatism will cause the condition to progress further and thus worsen your visual abilities significantly. Special contact lenses used to correct astigmatism are called toric lenses. Frequency 55 Toric contact lens, as the name clearly states, is a toric lens.

Toric lenses correct prescriptions in astigmatism with the use both spherical and cylindrical component. In order to maintain its proper orientation in the eye the lenses used in making toric contact lenses are sometimes thicker in one place than the other. Many years ago the only kind of toric contact lenses available were rigid or hard lenses. However there are soft contact lenses available in the market now, with the Frequency 55 Toric Contact Lens being one of the best there is. Note that toric contact lenses do not address the issue of astigmatism solely. Rather toric contact lenses can also contain a prescription for near and far sightedness, killing two birds in one stone. It is however advised for people with extreme astigmatism to use other devices instead of toric lenses. Eyeglasses, RGPs (rigid contact lenses), and eye surgery are better options for people suffering from severe astigmatism. However for people with slight to moderate astigmatism, which is more often the case than not, the Frequency 55 Toric is not only a good option but is one of the best options out there.

The Frequency 55 Toric contact lens, as mentioned earlier, is a soft monthly disposable contact lens. Soft contact lenses are known for the superior comfort and fit they offer. Being replaceable after one month Frequency 55 Toric lenses guarantees that the lenses used do not accumulate much deposits which can cause eye irritations leading to even more eye problems. Frequency 55 Toric lenses are also slightly tinted to help wearers locate the lens in its solution. The lenses’ tint however does not affect the wearer’s eye color nor interferes with the its ability to deliver excellent vision quality.

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