Bausch & Lomb

A pioneer in eye healthcare, Bausch & Lomb is dedicated to protecting vision and enhancing life.

Since its inception in 1853 as a small optical shop in Rochester, New York, the company has evolved into a multi-billion dollar corporation with its products known and sold in over 100 countries worldwide.

As one of the oldest and most respected brands in healthcare, Bausch & Lomb carries today the widest and most comprehensive portfolio of eye health products which includes such widely used and recognized brands of contact lenses as PureVision, Soflens, Boston and Optima.

Armed with technology expertise and know-how that has spanned several years of successful implementation, Bausch & Lomb continues to be motivated by its innovative spirit to come up with better and more inventive ways to help a greater number of people see better.

A Wide-Range of Innovative Products
Bausch & Lomb has one of the broadest categories of products. It also provides valuable assistance and services to customers in the area of eye health care. Some of these much sought-after products and services include:

Contact Lenses and Care

Soft Contact Lenses – Bausch & Lomb provides its customers with different types of soft contact lenses capable of addressing various types of visual impairments including astigmatism and presbyopia. Bausch & Lomb PureVision, the latest in Bausch & Lomb’s soft lens technology, provides enhanced optics and exceptional clarity regardless of the patient’s visual defect that needs to be addressed. Moreover, it was manufactured using a unique material that assures extraordinary wearing comfort and health. PureVision also carries PureVision Toric for people who suffer from astigmatism and PureVision Multi-Focal that offers patients an alternative to reading glasses.

Clean and well-maintained contact lenses means good and healthy eye care. Renu MultiPlus® Multi-Purpose Solution is Bausch & Lomb’s formula that rinses, cleans and disinfects soft contact lenses to give patients hours of comfortable wear.

Gas Permeable Lenses – Highly recommended by eye care practitioners, the Bausch & Lomb Boston® Brand Gas Permeable (GP) contact lens provides patients with an economical and durable alternative for vision correction that are easy to maintain. Moreover, these gas permeable contact lenses were created using patented oxygen permeable material that allows the patient’s eyes to “breathe”.

For the care of its gas permeable contact lens, Bausch & Lomb also manufactures a comprehensive line of Boston® lens care products.

Vision Shaping Treatment (VST) Method – This is an innovative method of correcting vision through the use of customized shaping lenses that the patient has to wear while asleep to insure crisp and clear vision when he or she is awake. It’s a method that is safe for children and athletes who are always on the go. It also produces amazing results and helps patients to see clearly without glasses or contacts all day long.


Bausch & Lomb manufactures products that cure all kinds of eye conditions.

Eye Drops – These mainly provide relief of dry eyes, itchy eyes, redness, and irritation.

Advanced Eye Relief™ Dry Eye Environmental Lubricant Eye Drops
Advanced Eye Relief™ Preservative Free Dry Eye Rejuvenation Lubricant Eye Drops
Advance Eye Relief™ Dry Eye Rejuvenation Lubricant Eye Drops
Advanced Eye Relief™ Night Time Lubricant Eye Ointment

Eye Vitamins – These promote better eye health. The Bausch & Lomb Ocuvite® supplements contain more of specific vitamins and minerals for the eye than most multi-vitamins.
Ocuvite Adult Eye Health Formula
Ocuvite Adult 50+ Age-adjusted Formula
Ocuvite® Lutein Eye Health Vitamins

Surgical Treatments

Bausch & Lomb makes available to surgeons both the tools and technology to accurately and effectively correct a full range of refractive errors. The Bausch & Lomb product portfolios offer comprehensive solutions for laser vision correction.
Laser Surgery. This provides better focus and enhanced vision to those who have neither the time nor the patience to care for contact lenses.
Cataract Surgery. When cataracts interfere with daily activities due to severe loss of vision, it is recommended that patients undergo this surgery.
Vitreoretinal Surgery. Information for specialists and patients alike on vitreoretinal disease states are available from the Vitreoretinal Resource Center.

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