Ultraflex 38

Ultraflex 38 is a private brand from Ocular Sciences, Inc. USA. The Ultraflex 38 contact lenses are also packaged under the brand Biomedics 38 contact lenses. Ultraflex 38 contact lenses are one to two weeks disposable contact lenses. You wear them during the day and take them off at night. Clean and disinfect them and put the same lenses back the next morning. After two weeks, you discard them and replace them with a new pair. With a new pair, there is less chance of infection or irritation due to protein accumulation on the lens. The contact lens material also resists protein build-up for good eye health and clear vision. With Ultraflex 38 contact lenses, the eyes receive quality care.

Ultraflex 38 contact lenses are created for optimal comfort and vision day after day. No rigid maintenance is required for the lenses. Ultraflex 38 contact lenses are extremely comfortable and durable. They are exceedingly easy to use. Once you put them on, you can forget about them for the rest of the day. The light blue handling tint makes it easy to insert and remove the lens. It is also easy to locate the lenses in the cleaning solution.

There is an inside mark so you’ll insert the lenses correctly. Before placing the contact lens on your eye, make sure it resembles half a ball rather than a soup bowl. To know if the contact lens is inside out, place the lens on your finger so it is forming a cup, and then hold it straight in front of your eyes so you are looking at the side of the cup. If it is forming a “U” with the top edges spread out, it is inside out. If it is forming just a “U”, it is correct. Some contact lenses like Ultraflex 38 lenses have laser markings usually the brand name on the edge to help you (if you can read it clearly, the lens is not inside out). If you wrongly placed a contact lens inside out in your eye, your eye will feel uncomfortable but it will not cause any damage.

For the woman, she can still wear make-up with the Ultraflex 38 lenses. However, precautions are necessary to prevent the make-up from coming into contact with her Ultraflex 38 contact lenses. She is advised to use non-greasy make-up and not to use mascara with fibers in it to make eyelashes longer. These can drop off and contaminate her lenses. She should also refrain from using make-up designed to be put inside the lid margin, as this can also infect the surfaces of the Ultraflex 38 contact lenses and cause discomfort. When using any aerosol spray, she should make it a point to keep the spray from setting on her lenses by closing her eyes. Contact lenses should be inserted in the eyes before putting on make-up. In like manner, remove the contact lenses first before taking off make-up. Make sure not to get make-up or make-up remover onto the Ultraflex 38 contact lenses.

That said, enjoy absolute freedom and comfort with Ultraflex 38 contact lenses.

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