It may seem to be a surprise but quite a lot of people still balk at the thought of wearing contact lenses, and why not, it’s tantamount to putting a foreign object on your eye itself. Uninformed individuals believe that contact lenses are difficult to wear and even more difficult to maintain. Maybe old contact lenses are, but not Acuvue, one of the several contact lenses distributed under the Acuvue brand name of Johnson and Johnson’s.

Acuvue is among the range of disposable contact lenses available in the market today. Acuvue falls under Acuvue’s spherical range of contact lenses, meaning these have been developed to aid people who suffer from myopia (near or short sightedness) or hyperopia (far or long sightedness). Despite being of the disposable kind, Acuvue lenses are also very durable. These lenses may be worn for 7 days straight (without removing them, even while sleeping), and if you dutiful remove your lenses at night and soak them in cleaning solutions while you sleep, the shelf life of the lenses extend to up to 14 days.

Unlike other contact lenses in the market, Acuvue lenses are easy to put on and are very comfortable to use. Each Acuvue lens that comes out of the Johnson and Johnson plant are made of soft hydrogel silica which are soft to touch and breathable. All lenses have an “inside-out” mark which aids users in putting these on. To make lenses easier to find, especially when these are soaked in cleaning or disinfecting solutions, a bluish tinge has been applied to each lens. This bluish tinge is very light and will not affect your vision, nor will it alter the colour of your eyes.

Aside from comfort, Johnson and Johnson ensures that your eyes are protected from the harmful UV rays of the sun. All Acuvue products, even the Acuvue lenses have been treated in such a way that these can effectively block 97% of UV-A and UV-B radiation. This is almost 70% more protection than what other lenses can provide.

If you’re tired of wearing your spectacles and are finally willing to give contact lenses a chance, consider Acuvue lenses. Acuvue lenses are available at most local pharmacies and optical shops. You may also purchase Acuvue lenses from the internet. Just make sure that, before you make any purchase, you have consulted with a medical or eye-care professional and that you have the correct prescription with you. Remember the despite its small size, contact lenses are still medical devices. Improper use of these medical implements may not improve but worsen visual problems.

With Acuvue, wearing contact lenses is now easier, safer and healthier.

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