Freshlook Colors

Freshlook Colors is a contact lens collection manufactured by Ciba Vision, formerly known as Wesley Jessen. The Freshlook Colors collection offers a wide palette of colors ranging from different hues of blue to brown. It is available in packages of six lenses per box and can be bought at almost any optical retail stores as well as optometrist and ophthalmologist clinics.

The Freshlook Colors Collection is suitable for people with both dark and light eye colors. To help people choose the color of contact lens that would blend in best with their eye color Freshlook has a Freshlook Color Collection Chart available online. The color collection chart helps customers pick the best contact lens depending on their eye color, skin tone, hair color, and the desired effect of the contact lens. The Freshlook Colors collection then advises the customer of the type of contact lens to use; whether it should be Freshlook Colorblends, Freshlook Dimensions, or Freshlook Radiance. The three sub-categories of the Freshlook Colors collection is sure to answer the needs of any customer when it comes to picking a contact lens that will change the colors of their eyes. Ciba Vision prioritizes its customers’ satisfaction with regards to the color change and because of this offers free trials. Free trials can, however be conducted only in offices of eye care professionals.

Freshlook Colors contact lenses are designed to change the wearer’s eye color but for the change to look subtle and natural, as though the wearer is wearing no contact lens at all. Freshlook is also designed such that the wearer’s vision is not affected adversely by the tint of the lens. In fact Freshlook Color contact lenses can be worn by people with 20/20 vision simply for the color changing effect, as well as by people who need them as prescription lenses.

All Freshlook Colors contact lenses are also disposable and are designed to be worn for up to 2 weeks. They are designed for daily wear meaning that the wearer has to clean and store the contact lens at the end of each day before rinsing and wearing it again at the star of the next day. Since Freshlook Color contacts are designed to be disposed after two weeks it is perfect for people who want to change their eye color for just a few days or even just one day to match a certain outfit or to simply have fun.

Freshlook Colors contact lenses can be worn alone with or with out prescription. It can be worn as replacement for glasses or can be worn with glasses if you opt to wear a non-prescription contact lens. Freshlook Color contact lenses can even be worn in conjunction with other contact lenses!

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