Ultraflex 55

Around a hundred million people all over the globe wear contact lenses. What then make contact lenses a popular choice?

Contact lenses give the wearer a wide field of view. Because contact lenses rest directly on the cornea of the eye, distortion is reduced. There is more natural vision and things appear as they should in size and position. Contact lenses give the wearer a real life vision. They provide a whole range of vision. A wearer can move his eyes and still see clearly. Contact lenses stay fixed in place on the eyes, even during fast body movements. Vision is still crystal clear and precise. Contact lenses when fitted correctly can be truly comfortable. Unlike glasses, there are no heavy or thick frames to bother a wearer. With contact lenses, no more fogging up when drinking soup or coming out of an air-conditioned room. Nobody has to find out the user is wearing contact lenses unless he says so. Contact lenses do not slide down the nose or rub against the ears as glasses do. With all these comfort and convenience, no wonder an increasing number of people are opting for contact lenses.

Ultraflex 55 contact lenses embody all the above benefits. Ultraflex 55 lenses are manufactured by Ocular Sciences Inc., a subsidiary of Coopervision, manufacturer of spherical, aspherical, bifocals and toric lenses. Ultraflex 55 contact lenses are marketed under several brand names such as Aqualens, Hydroflex and Biomedics.

Ultraflex 55 contact lenses correct distorted vision caused by astigmatism, a condition wherein the cornea’s curvature is irregular. Ultraflex 55 lenses provide two powers at distinct angles. They are a two week disposable contact lenses. After two weeks, the contact lenses are discarded and replaced with a new pair. The more frequently contact lenses are replaced, the healthier and more comfortable the eyes can be. Another benefit is not having to clean the contact lenses on a regular schedule. Eye irritation caused by protein, calcium or lipid accumulation is greatly reduced. Ultraflex 55 contact lenses contain 55% water and 45% Ocufilcon D polymer. The high water content eliminates protein build-up and allows oxygen through readily. The eyes become hydrated and more comfortable. The high water content is especially beneficial to those suffering from itchy and dry eyes. Ultraflex 55 contact lenses are safe to use, convenient and totally comfortable.

In any case, check with your eye care professional who will advise you on what contact lens will best fit your individual needs. Although all eyes look typically the same, in truth, everybody’s eyes are slightly different. Eyes are of different shapes and sizes. That is why it is important to have your eye doctor fit your contact lenses for your particular size, shape and vision condition. It is also recommended that you see your eye doctor at least once a year to monitor vision changes as well as early signs of other health problems.

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