1-Day Acuvue

Although contact lenses are now very affordable and can be worn by anyone, not everybody has the time and inclination to constantly clean and disinfect lenses at the end of the day. Such are the individuals who are always rushing off at the start of the morning. They do not have the time to be hampered by the cleaning rituals associated with contact lenses. Does this mean that they should resign themselves to a life wearing spectacles? Not necessarily so.

To address the needs of people who live in a fast-paced society, Johnson and Johnson has developed “1-day Acuvue”, a more convenient way to wear contact lenses. With 1-day Acuvue, one can do away with intricate lens cases and forget about rinsing and disinfecting solutions. These are the only lenses which you can wear once and throw away afterwards. Because of their affordability, getting a new pair of lenses every morning, or whenever you need these, will not burn a hole in your pocket.

Johnson and Johnson’s 1-day Acuvue contact lenses are classified under the Spherical or Regular Contact Lenses. These are ideal for those suffering from myopia (short or near sightedness) or hyperopia (long or far sightedness). If you suffer from astigmatism or any other kind of visual impairment, Johnson and Johnson’s 1-day Acuvue would not be suited for you.

Like all Johnson and Johnson Acuvue products, 1-day Acuvue are treated to provide you with Ultra Violet Protection. Acuvue products block about 80% of UV-A radiation and almost 100% of UV-B radiation; that’s almost 70% more than average lenses without UV blocking properties. Not only will your eyesight be improved with 1-day Acuvue contact lenses, the risk of your corneas absorbing the UV rays of the sun is greatly reduced.

Due to its affordable price, availability and disposability, 1-day Acuvue is a favourite choice among people involved in sports and other active lifestyles. They can go about their activities without having to worry about what to do in case the lenses fall off. Johnson and Johnson’s 1-day Acuvue is also the contact lenses of choice amongst allergy sufferers, as they no longer need to bathe and disinfect the lenses in cleaning solutions, which could (or could not) trigger an allergic reaction. 1-day Acuvue is indeed, a safe and convenient way to wear contact lenses.

Johnson and Johnson’s Acuvue line of contact lenses, including the 1-day Acuvue lens, despite being affordable and disposable, are still in essence, contact lenses. It is advised that, particularly for first time users, you consult an optometrist and get a prescription first before you purchase these lenses. Using incorrect lenses can damage your eyesight even more. Better be safe than sorry, consult your doctor before purchasing and / or using any medical product.

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