Proclear Compatibles

Proclear Compatibles Contact Lenses – In today’s fast-paced modern day society, people with eyesight problems turn to contact lenses for relief. After all, contacts are more comfortable and convenient to wear instead of bearing the nuisance of wearing cumbersome spectacles. However, for people with dry eyes contact lenses are an entirely different story.

In a healthy eye, a thin layer of tears usually forms beneath the contact lens. Now, if this layer dries then the contact lens will begin to feel like sand. You’re probably wondering whether contact lens causes eyes to dry. Actually there are various causes for eye dryness. For starters some people just produce less tears, either due to the chemical composition of their or due to their advance age. Another common cause of eye dryness is the environment. Either way, is the unpleasant dry eyes the price you have to pay for the temporary comfort that wearing contact lens offers? Equivalent exchange right, — not necessarily.

Finally, here is a contact lens that can contribute to dry eye syndrome – Proclear Compatibles. Most soft contact lenses are normally made from polymers and water, at times with even up to 70% water content. This most makes the lens feel comfortable in your eye. However, the water in your contact lens evaporates as the day progresses. Then, the lens absorbs water from your tears and in turn this leaves you feeling dry-eyes. The bottom line is that the more water the lens contains, it becomes more prone to lose its moisture.

This is where Cooper Vision’s Proclear Compatibles differs. Cooper Vision’s Proclear Compatibles are prescribed as monthly disposable contact lenses. The material of Proclear Compatibles is composed of 38% polymer omafilcon A and 62% of water. These contacts lenses are also made from a revolutionary, bio-compatible soft contact lens material that provide increased moisture retention that allows prolonged wearing comfort.

Proclear Compatibles contact lenses utilize the unique phosphorylcholine technology, which was uniquely developed its manufacturer Cooper Vision (formerly known as Biocompatibles). Phosphorylcholine is a substance that occurs naturally in human cells. This prevents the body from perceiving contact lens as a foreign object in the eye. Simply put it prevents it from rejecting the lens. As a result, Proclear Compatibles contact lenses feel moist and comfortable in your eye. This latest technological innovation also helps decrease the build up of dirt and deposits. Moreover, it also allows the lenses to retain more moisture that allows it’s wearer to enjoy a full day of comfortable wear.

So, if you have dry eyes and your current contact lenses are not offering you any comfort at all, remember that you do not have to live with that sort of discomfort. Consult your doctor immediately and see if Cooper Vision’s Proclear Compatibles contact lenses would be more suitable for you.

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