Soflens One Day

The contact lenses that are available in the market today are no longer the same as what it used to be. These are no longer the ones that were hard to wear and extremely difficult to clean. With the growing demand for contact lenses, they have become more affordable and accessible that just about anyone can get them. However, since we are now living in a fast-paced society most people are rushing off to work at the start of the morning. Thus, not everyone has the time to allot to the long and intricate cleaning rituals. Does this mean that they have to revert to wearing spectacles? Well, not necessarily so.

To address the pressing needs of these modern day individuals, Bausch & Lomb manufactured Soflens One Day, a one day disposable contacts that is both comfortable and convenient since you can do without the intricate daily cleaning rituals that seemed to be associated with contact lenses. You can simply wear it for one day then throw them away the next and start with a fresh pair.

The material content for Bausch & Lomb’s Soflens One Day disposable contact lenses includes 30% Polymer (hilafilcon A) and 70% water content. Its high water content makes it comfortable to wear all throughout the day. Just like any other contact lenses manufactured by Bausch & Lomb’s, Soflens One Day disposable contact lenses are also tinted. This facilitates for easy locating and handling of the lenses when they are in solution and will not change the color of your eye.

Those familiar with disposable contact lenses are aware that though it is a convenient alternative it tends to be more expensive than cleaning the same pair of lens every night. That is not so, the Bausch & Lomb’s Soflens One Day disposable contact lenses is surprisingly affordable. Since you get to use a fresh pair every day, it is extremely healthy because you need not worry about buildups that could irritate your eyes.

Soflens One Day contact lenses are manufactured by Bausch & Lomb, a name renowned and highly respected in the vision care industry all across the globe. Its product line up includes soft and rigid gas permeable contact lenses as well as other lens care products, along with ophthalmic surgical and pharmaceutical products.

Bausch & Lomb’s Soflens One Day contact lenses are generally safe to use. Due to its affordability and accessibility, just about anyone can buy them and wear them. However, keep in mind that only your eye doctor can actually determine whether this particular type of contact lens is indeed suitable for you. Remember that using the wrong kind of contact lenses may cause damage to your eyes. So before you go out to buy Soflens One Day contact lenses, make sure that you consult your doctor first.

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