Focus Softcolors

Focus Softcolors contact lenses, made by Ciba Vision Corporation, is part of the Focus Monthly contact lens line. The Focus Softcolors lenses are in essence the same as ordinary Focus Monthly lenses but come in a variety of colors. The main goal or objective of the Focus Softcolors contact lenses is to provide contact wearers quality lenses designed to emphasize the natural eye color of light-colored eyes.

Focus Softcolors contact lenses can be worn by people with mild to strong prescriptions but are not suitable for people suffering from astigmatism and presbyopia. Focus Softcolors contact lenses are not only for people with prescriptions. People who desire to enhance their eye color but have perfect or 20/20 vision will also find Focus Softcolors contact lenses suitable for their needs. For those who plan on using the lenses for cosmetic purposes only make sure that the power of the lens ordered or bought is 0.00. That means that there is no prescription. Even people already wearing prescription glasses but are interested in Focus Softcolors can use the contact lenses for cosmetic purposes only.

Focus Softcolors contact lenses come in 3 beautiful distinct colors; aqua, evergreen, and royal blue. Note that the contact lenses are specially suited for light-colored eyes. Using Focus Softcolors lenses when you have dark brown eyes will not give the desired effect of changing your eye color to green or blue. However using any of the three above colors will surely enhance blue or green eyes. Choosing a shade similar to your natural eye color will brighten up your eyes while choosing another shade will deepen the color. The effect, however, varies for each eye. Focus Softcolors contact lenses are known to enhance the eyes subtly yet effectively.

Focus Softcolors lenses offer much comfort since they are resistant to protein build up and are designed to be disposed after one month of use and storage. Prolonged use is discouraged since it can lead to eye irritation. These monthly replaceable contact lenses are available in 6-lens packs. Each box contains 6 colored monthly disposable lenses immersed in a buffered saline solution. The lenses are designed to stay fresh as long they are sealed and have to be disposed of one moth from opening the seal of each lens. Each lens is individually sealed to retain their integrity.

Focus Softcolors contact lenses can be bought online, in optical retail stores, and in optometry and ophthalmology clinics nationwide. Each box of Focus Softcolors contact lens costs around $25 – $36 depending on the store. For those buying online make sure to allow for the shipping cost in your budget. To save on shipping costs choose an online store whose warehouse location is nearer your state or address.

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