Freshlook Dimensions

Freshlook Dimensions contact lenses, manufactured by Ciba Vision, are part of the Freshlook Colors Collection. All contact lenses under the Freshlook Colors Collection are designed to both enhance the wearers’ vision as well as change their natural eye color. However, they can also be worn by people with perfect vision, or 20/20 vision, simply for the fun of it.

Freshlook Dimensions contact lenses are specially designed to enhance and define light colored eyes. The contact lens collection is called Freshlook Dimensions since the natural seemingly transparent hues they provide actually create more depth and dimension. They are not designed to change the wearer’s eye color dramatically but are instead made to work with the eye color, enhancing its natural beauty. The tints used in Freshlook Dimension lenses do not fade over time and do not in anyway affect the vision of the wearer adversely. According to the Freshlook Colors Collection Chart, Freshlook Dimensions lenses are most suitable for people with light eyes, light hair and are fair skinned. Freshlook Dimensions offer the following colors: Sea Green, Pacific Blue, and Caribbean Aqua.

Freshlook Dimensions contact lenses are available for people with perfect vision as well as those who need prescription contacts. People with strong prescriptions can also use Freshlook Dimensions. However, people with astigmatism can not wear Freshlook Dimensions since the Freshlook Dimensions line has no toric counter part unlike Freshlook Colorblends, which has Freshlook Colorblends Toric. For patients suffering with astigmatism it is advised that you consult with your local eye professional whether the Freshlook Dimensions can be used in conjunction with your astigmatism prescribed glasses or contact lenses. For ordinary users Freshlook Dimension can actually be used in conjunction with prescription glasses and other contact lenses.

On your visit to you eye care professional you can also inquire about and avail of the free trial offered to prospective Freshlook wearers. The free trial can help you decide which new eye color best suits you.

Freshlook Dimension contact lenses are designed for daily wear and are disposable. They are scheduled to be cleaned and stored at the end of each day before being rinsed and put on for use the following day. Although the tint last for more than two weeks Freshlook Dimensions lenses are designed to be replaced after that period of time. Prolonged use is discouraged since it may result to adverse effects like eye irritation.

Freshlook Dimension contact lenses are available in packs of six. Freshlook Dimension contact lenses can be bought in most optical retail stores and in optometry and ophthalmology clinics that carry Ciba Vision products, as well as online. The price per box varies for each store but ranges from around $23 to $29.

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