Freshlook VT

Millions of people worldwide enjoy the many benefits that contact lenses have to offer. Aside from its cosmetic advantages, most people find that contact lenses offer a more convenient way of correcting their eyesight problem compare to wearing spectacles. Moreover, wearing contacts allows them to enjoy sports and other recreational activities with ease.

With the popularity of contact lenses, the competition in the contact lens market is steeper than ever. It seems that every contact lens manufacturers are continuously trying to come up with better and cheaper lenses. Adding to the growing lists of various contact lens types is Wesley-Jessen’s Freshlook visitint contact lenses.

Freshlook visitint or simply Freshlook VT contact lenses, regardless of what most people think, are not really a colored contact lens. These are lightly tinted lenses that make the contacts easier to see. However, it does not have any effect on your eye color.

Freshlook VT is generally prescribed as a 1 to 4 week replacement contact lenses. Contact lens wearers have the option to wear it for a week or for as long as a month before having it replaced. It is convenient, durable and definitely affordable. Moreover, since it can be frequently replaced you can be assured that you are indeed wearing clean contacts.

Freshlook VT also has a light green handling tint, which to allow for easier locating and handling. Wesley-Jessen’s inversion mark is also included on the Freshlook VT package. The WJ inversion mark will allow the contact lens wearer to determine whether it is inverted or not.

Freshlook VT contact lenses are manufactured by Wesley-Jessen, a world leader in manufacturing, developing as well as marketing of disposable soft contact lenses. Along with Freshlook VT, Wesley-Jessen’s products also include cosmetic lenses that can enhance the wearer’s eye color, and premium lenses that protect the wearers from ultraviolet light. Wesley-Jessen also distributes its products in North America, Japan, the United Kingdom, France, Belgium, Spain, Italy, Netherlands, Luxembourg, Germany, Mexico, Brazil, Argentina, Australia and the Middle East.

Freshlook VT contact lenses are generally safe to use as long as you follow your eyecare professional’s directions about caring for your contacts. It might also be a good idea to remember some basic care tips. For instance, remember to wash your hands thoroughly before handling your lenses. Second, avoid removing your contacts at the same in order to avoid mix up. Third, do not use eye drops or solutions that are not prescribed for your contacts. Fourth, clean and disinfect your contacts every time you remove them. Fifth, do not swap lenses with other people. Lastly, do not sleep with your contacts on. As long as you follow these basic care tips, you would do well.

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