Focus Dailies Progressives

Focus Dailies Progressives made by Ciba Vision is a special contact lens specially made for people with presbyopia. Focus Dailies Progressives is a popular choice among Presbyopia sufferers and are preferred by them 5 to 1.

Presbyopia is a condition that makes it unable for sufferers to focus and thus read things clearer when they are near or up close. Studies show that almost everyone’s eyesight starts to fail to focus up close at the age of forty. This condition comes with age so it is unavoidable. Presbyopia is traditionally remedied using prescription multifocal spectacles (bifocals or trifocals) depending on the user’s lifestyle or occupation. The most commonly used or prescribed multifocals are the Bifocals. Bifocals however have one very irritating trait – the line between the near and distance point of focus. They sometimes cause dizziness and usually annoy the users. Another alternative is progressive glasses. Progressive glasses offer a more seamless transition from distance to near focus and vice versa and allow for a more relaxing and even more natural visual movement. With progressive glasses users don’t have to deal with the distinctive line or zone that separates the near and distance focus.

Progressive contact lenses like Focus Dailies Progressives function the same way as progressive glasses. Focus Dailies Progressives have an advantage over progressive glasses since they offer not only great vision but offer extreme comfort as well. The thin soft lenses used are hardly felt plus they provide a cozy fit. As a result to the comfortable fit Focus Dailies Progressive provide people who have an active lifestyle will find that these lenses do not hamper activity and are not easily dislodged. Focus Dailies Progressives also provide freedom from glasses, which are clunky and usually hamper active movement.

Since Focus Dailies Progressives are daily disposable contacts, they give you the comfort of new and clean lenses everyday eliminating the need to rinse or sterilize. Because Focus Dailies Progressives are made from revolutionary material they are clinically proven to stay 10 times cleaner than ordinary lenses leaving users feeling fresh and comfortable the whole day. This is also the reason why Focus Daily Progressives is the best solution for allergy sufferers. Since you’ll be wearing a fresh pair everyday, the build-up proof material plus the frequent change ensures that there would be pollen or other dust particle build-up on the lenses, which triggers an allergic reaction.

Focus Dailies Progressives contact lenses are available in optical retail stores, online stores, and in most optometry and ophthalmology clinics. They are available in boxes of 30 lenses per box and 90 lenses per box. Although prices vary for each store price for a 90 lens box range from $59.95 – $79.95. The price for a 30 lens box is around $29.95 per box.

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