Frequency 38

Frequency 38 is part of CooperVision’s Frequency family of lenses. The main difference of Frequency 38 as compared to the Frequency 55 line of contacts is the water content in the material used in the lenses. Frequency 38 contact lenses has a lower water content (38% water), which actually ensures superior handling. Due to the low water content Frequency 38 is more durable and more importantly, dehydration resistant. It is most suitable for wearers who have a special need for lower water content lens. To know whether you have a particular need for lower water content contact lens please consult your local eye care professional.

Frequency 38, like all contact lenses of the Frequency family, is manufactured using the new patented technology called UltraSync. UltraSync ensures that Frequency 38 lenses provide ultimate comfort and performance. Frequency 38 also makes use of a highly deposit resistant material. The highly deposit resistant material ensures maximum comfort for longer hours and a lesser chance of eye irritation. Since Frequency 38 contact lenses are both deposit and dehydration resistant, wearer’s can expect their lenses not to get cloudy easily, not to feel gritty, not to feel too much dryness, and for their contact lens to feel very natural and again, comfortable.

Frequency 38, as the name implies, is also designed to be replace frequently. It is a monthly disposable contact lens, meaning that it is design to be used and stored for one month before being thrown away and replaced with a new pair. Since they are replaced frequently it is ensured that the contact lens being used is of superior quality, is still fresh, and will not cause your eyes to be irritated. Wearers tempted to save money are advised not to prolong the use of Frequency 38, or any other contact lens for that matter, beyond the recommended length of use.

Frequency 38 contact lenses have 65 prescriptions available starting from a power of 0.00 to -8.00 and 8.00. A power of 0.00 means that there is no prescription or the wearer has perfect vision. Frequency 38 lenses are not suitable for patients suffering from astigmatism or presbyopia. For astigmatic people Frequency 55 Toric and Frequency 55 Toric XR are recommended.

A frequency 38 lens comes in boxes with each box containing 6 lenses. Each lens is immersed in a buffered saline solution and sealed individually to ensure their integrity. Frequency 38 lenses are also slightly tinted (light blue) to aid in their handling. The light blue tint makes it easier to locate the contact lens in the solution and insert and remove it from the eyes.

Frequency 38 contact lenses are available online, in optical retail stores and in eye care clinics. Each box costs around $18 to $20 depending on the store. You can also get them cheaper online if you buy in bulk – 3 or more boxes.

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