Freshlook Radiance

Freshlook Radiance contact lens, made by Ciba Vision, formerly known as Wesley Jessen, is part of the Freshlook Colors Collection. All contact lenses under the Freshlook Colors Collection are designed to both enhance the wearers’ vision as well as change their natural eye color. However, they can also be worn by people with perfect vision, or 20/20 vision simply for the fun of it.

Freshlook Radiance contact lenses can be worn by people with all types of eye color, from light to dark. They are designed not to change the wearer’s eye color but to illuminate it making it sparkle. Freshlook radiance lenses are able to achieve the sparkling eye look by using an innovative pearlescent starburst pattern. The pattern makes the eyes look bigger and brighter without having to change the natural eye color. According to the Freshlook Colors Collection chart, Freshlook Radiance is ideal for people of any eye color, hair color, and skin tone. However, there are certain colors more appropriate for dark colored eyes and other colors that are more appropriate for lighter colored eyes. Freshlook Radiance contact lenses colored Sunrise, Moonlight, or Eden are suitable for both dark and light eyes. The Freshlook Radiance Autumn colored lenses are, however, suitable only for dark eyed people. Whatever you eye color is using Freshlook Radiance lenses will surely bring out the sparkle in your eye.

Freshlook Radiance contact lenses, as mentioned above, can be worn by people with perfect vision or prescription. Note however, that they cannot be worn by patients suffering from astigmatism since they are not toric contact lenses. For people with astigmatism and are interested in changing their eye color the best option would be to use Freshlook Colorblends Toric contact lenses instead. Since Freshlook Radiance contact lenses can normally be worn in with prescription glasses and other contact lenses people with astigmatism are advised to consult their local eye care professional whether it can be used with glasses or contact lenses with prescription for stigmatism. Be advised that using ordinary contact lenses without medical advice when you have astigmatism may worsen your condition.

Freshlook Radiance contact lenses, like all Freshlook color lenses, are disposable and are designed for daily wear. Wearers are advised to remove, clean, and store their contact lenses at the end of each day. They are also advised to replace the contact lens after two weeks of use. Although the tint or pattern will not fade even after two weeks prolonged use of the contact lenses is discouraged to prevent possible adverse effects like eye irritations.

Freshlook Radiance contact lenses are available in packs of six. They can be bought online, in optical retail stores, and in most optometry and ophthalmology clinics. Prices vary in each retail store and range from around $18 to $28.

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