Focus Night & Day

Focus Night and Day from CIBA VISION is a revolutionary product that allows for a carefree attitude towards the maintenance and use of contact lenses. You don’t have to remove Focus Night and Day before going to bed because it can be safely worn while you sleep. Not having to remove it from your eyes 24 hours a day for up to 30 days is certainly convenient and required quite a feat in contact lens manufacturing.

Contributing to Focus Night and Day’s wonderful features is Oxygel™. It is a scientific breakthrough in eye care technology that permits more oxygen to get to your eyes. Focus Night & Day actually allows 6 times more oxygen to pass through it membrane and refresh your eyes compared to other leading soft contact lenses. The results are healthier eyes and a clearer vision. It also provides maximum comfort since the oxygen prevents sticky eyes. The comfort and tremendous ease by which you can use this product is truly amazing. With Focus Night and Day, there’s practically no maintenance involved in that you just put it in and forget about it…at least for the next 30 days. Simply dispose of the contact lenses after 30 days and rest your eyes overnight and put on a fresh pair the next day.

Focus Night & Day is perfect for people who are always on the go and those who simply don’t have time to do menial yet essential chores, such as cleaning and storing contact lenses. This is surely a break from the traditional contact lens mantra of “put them in during the day and take them out at night” What’s more fascinating about Focus Night and Day is that you get to concentrate on what is important in your day to day activities whether it be play or business. Instead of spending time doing repetitious tasks, you get right into what is important in your life. Weekly protein removal is not needed as well since the breathable contact lens prevents protein build-up as well.

Focus Night and Day contact lenses are so breathable that wearers have often reported that the lenses feel less dry than the usual soft contact lenses. However, in case your eyes feel dry during the thirty day period it doesn’t mean that you have to take off your Focus Night and Day contact lens. All you have to do is use a special lubricating eye drop. The eye drops avoid dry eyes that can lead to irritation and the contact lenses popping out.

Focus Night and Day contact lenses are available in packs of 6 lens per box. Price ranges from $43 to $60 per box. Focus Night and Day contact lenses are available online and in optical retail stores as well as in most eye care clinics.

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