Focus Dailies Toric

Focus Dailies Toric made by Ciba Vision is the perfect solution for people suffering from astigmatism and have sensitive eyes or suffer from seasonal allergies as well. This is because Focus Dailies Toric contact lenses are designed specifically to correct astigmatism. The superior technology used in manufacturing Focus Dailies Toric lenses and distinctive prism design not only aids in the wearer’s focus resulting to a crystal clear vision, but also corrects astigmatism.

Astigmatism is a common vision problem afflicting forty to fifty percent of the population. This condition causes an out of focus vision that result in difficulty in seeing from a distance or up close, depending on the sufferer’s eyes. Both farsightedness and nearsightedness often comes with astigmatism. People with astigmatism often see things as slightly or even very blurred, depending on the severity of the condition. Those with severe astigmatism frequently suffer from headaches and dizziness as well. The cause of astigmatism is often linked with genetics but may also result from eye injuries. Adults are not the only ones troubled by astigmatism; children and teenagers are also often afflicted by this condition.

Before soft toric contact lenses came to being, the usual treatments used to deal with astigmatism were prescription glasses, rigid contact lenses and surgery. Depending on the gravity and type of astigmatism, refractive surgery is a very viable option. Discussing this with an eye care practitioner will be very useful in reviewing your options. The problems with the conventional treatments were different. Glasses can be cumbersome, especially for active people. Rigid contact lenses are uncomfortable and impossible to wear if you have sensitive eyes. Refractive surgery, the ultimate treatment, was and is still relatively expensive. Soft toric lenses, however, addressed all the issues since they are very comfortable to wear, definitely not cumbersome, and are cost effective. Nowadays, the soft contact lenses like Focus Dailies Toric are common and have proven effective in correcting astigmatism.

Focus Dailies Toric are perfect for astigmatic people who suffer from ocular allergies. If you feltl any itching or burning when you tried to use ordinary toric contacts lenses before you probably suffer from ocular allergies. With Focus Dailies Toric allergies is not a problem. Focus Dailies Toric lenses are daily disposables enabling you to use a fresh pair everyday thereby eliminating the cause of the allergies. The pollens, dusts or protein build-ups in the lens will be avoided because you’ll be using a new pair every day. Also, by using a fresh pair daily, there is less chance of irritation. Best of all, by using Focus Dailies Toric provides incredible convenience since there is no need to clean them when the day ends. You simply throw them away and use a fresh one the next day.

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