Save on Your Contacts with Coupon Codes

If you have been purchasing your contact lenses online for a while you know that prices change all the time and it is wise to compare prices every time you need to refill your supply. Most merchants will send you an email reminder just before your contact lens supply should be running out and may even offer a small discount on your next purchase. But just because you purchased from them last time doesn’t necessarily mean they are currently offering the best deal you could get. After all, that’s what shopping on the internet is all about – not being tied down to a specific merchant or optometrist. It is so easy to compare prices online and since you are getting sealed brand name contact lenses according to your prescription, you can shop worry free knowing you will be getting the exact same product no matter where you shop.

But while there are many shopping search engines available that can help you compare prices on your contact lenses, they don’t always offer the lowest price you can get. In fact, most websites actually keep their lowest prices a secret and don’t publish them online. They do this in order to maintain a higher level of profitability. If you want their true low prices you have to use one of their coupon codes. For instance, 1800Contacts may offer a higher price on your Focus Dailies than their competition but using one of 1800Contacts coupons you can actually get a much lower price.

If you follow our site frequently you are probably aware that most contact lens sites offer new coupons about once a month. But they are often hard to find and there hasn’t been a good place available that lists all coupons offered by the various merchants. That is – until now. A great service is available at They list thousands of free online coupons and allow users to submit news ones they discover for everyone to enjoy. But the really cool thing about them is their toolbar addon which you can easily install in your browser. Using the toolbar you can find all the available coupon codes for any site you visit simply by clicking the link in the toolbar. This way you don’t have to go back and forth from the merchant’s site to simply browse around the web and all the coupon codes you need are always available to you.