Eye Care Professionals Heading Online

More and more eye care professionals are beginning to complement their business with a virtual presence by creating their own website. Eye doctors’ website used to be limited mainly to showcase sites featuring details and information about their practice, services and prices. But the growing pressure and competition from nationwide contact lens e-commerce site offering rock bottom prices is driving more and more doctors to create their own e-commerce site or add online ordering capabilities to their current sites.

But many doctors are discovering that there is a big difference between a showcase website and an ecommerce site. But while the task can be challenging there are many solutions available to make the process easier. Most contact lens sites (private doctor owned sites) are divided into two categories, namely – drop ship sites and self fulfillment sites. Obviously the first option is typically much simpler as it takes most of the logistical aspect away from the doctors but many doctors are still opting for a self fulfill site since it offers greater control and allows more aggressive pricing.

Another challenge which most eye care practices aren’t set up for is accepting online payments. There are a number of solutions which can easily be implemented into almost any type of website which take away the entire billing process from doctors to worry about. A great source for most sites is First Data Independent Sales which offers a complete set of tools for an overall billing and payment processing solution. The company is a registered ISO/MSP for clearing and settlement institutions and offers an API tool set for implementing their solution directly into a retailers website.

Doctors can especially benefit from this system since they can use it for their day to day operation as well. The company allows manual credit card transactions offering doctors a one stop shop solution to accept credit cards from both in-store customers as well as their website customers.