What’s up with the manufacturers?

Is it just me or are the major contact lens manufactures just not getting it right lately. It seems we can’t open another week without another announcement concerning a product recall, defect or supply shortage.

B&L took a blow last year after recalling millions of units of their Renu Moistureloc solution. The industry tended to forgive them dismissing the problem as isolated to the new Moistureloc solution and gave credit to their long in the market Renu MultiPlus formula as being a safe reliable product. Surprise surprise, last month several lots of MultiPlus have been recalled as well.

Ciba Vision doesn’t seem to get a break lately either. They still haven’t recovered from their manufacturing issues last year effecting the supply of Focus Monthly lenses worldwide when a voluntary recall has been issued on their latest O2 Optix lens. This caused major supply issues for O2 Optix as well.
What will be next? Will competing contact lens manufacturers seize the opportunity and increase market share or will they be next in line with bad news?