Non-laser Procedure For LASIK Patients

A new kind of surgery may just solve the post-LASIK woes of eye patients. This will benefit people in their thirties or early forties who have had LASIK but are still using glasses due to presbyopia. This new surgical procedure is known as Nearvision CK which does not use laser beam to correct eye problems.

Nearvision CK (conductive keratoplasty) is best suited for people in their forties who normally experience presbyopia or reduced focusing ability due to age. This surgery utilizes radio waves to reshape the cornea and bring back normal vision. During the procedure, doctors use a small hand-held probe with a tip even thinner than a strand of human hair to deliver radio waves to certain points in the cornea.

Nearvision CK is done only on one eye but still allows the patient to see clearly both near and far without the aid of glasses. It needs only topical anesthesia or eye drops that cause numbness and takes less than five minutes. The surgery can even be performed right in the doctor’s office. A study of 60 patients aged 41 to 63 has already shown that the procedure is safe and effective after LASIK.