Can Astigmatism Be Cured?

Astigmatism occurs in varying degrees in each eye. A minor degree usually causes slight blurriness while a major degree causes blurred vision especially for distant objects.

Astigmatism is a refractive error as a result of an irregularly-shaped cornea. The cornea is usually shaped like a football instead of a baseball. For people with slight astigmatism, correction is not necessarily required. In fact, it may exist since birth and worsens as people age.

Astigmatism can be treated with the use of eyeglasses, special contact lens and certain refractive surgeries. Contacts known as “toric” can be made for people with astigmatism. For minor degrees, soft toric lenses may be prescribed while eyeglasses or RGP contact lens are best for high degrees of astigmatism. Toric contacts, though, are more costly than normal contact lens because of the extra correction provided.

Surgical treatments, meanwhile, include LASIK (laser in-sity keratomileusis) eye surgery and conductive keroplasty (CK) for people over 40, astigmatic keratotomy and orthokeratology.