Wonderful World of Contacts

With new advancements such as improvements in materials, molding techniques and better quality control, contact lenses are now safer, easier and more comfortable to use. New options and choices await wearers. You can have turquoise eyes one day, and then sparkle in pure hazel eyes the next. You can wear your contact lenses in the morning, look good throughout the day and discard at night and replace with a new pair in the morning. You can check out the latest innovation in contact lens technology, the hydrogel silicone extended wear lenses that can be worn all day long without removal for up to thirty days at a time. The silicon material prevents deposit build-up and lessens dry eye irritation. There are choices galore. Still, an in-depth evaluation by your eye care professional is a must to determine the best possible wearing and replacement schedule for you. A contact lens is a prescription device and must be filled and prescribed by an eye doctor to avoid serious eye problems.