Soflens 66

Due to the growing popularity of contact lenses in the market today, contact lenses have become very affordable that just about anyone can buy it. The only problem now is that not everyone has the time to allot the intricate cleaning rituals that seem to be associated to it. With today’s fast-paced society, most people are rushing off to work in morning and would spend the next 8 to 10 hours immersed in the hustle and bustle of the office. They cannot be bothered with the nuisance of constant eye drops or the intricate cleaning rituals that contact lenses seem to be associated with. Does this mean that they should go back to wearing glasses just to about these hassles? Well, not necessarily so.

To address the needs of these individuals Bausch & Lomb came up with Soflens 66 contact lenses. The material content for Soflens 66 includes 34% Polymer (alphafilcon A) and 66% water content. It combines a unique material with innovative design to offer clear vision in a lens that is comfortable to wear all throughout the day.

Moreover, the high water content of SofLens 66 contact lenses along with its deposit resistance material provides long wearing comfort. The lenses are also tinted strictly to facilitate for easy locating and handling of the contact lenses when in solution and will have no effect on your eye color. This is indeed uniquely designed with high performance in mind and will comfortably fit a wide range of prescriptions.

Soflens 66 is manufactured by Bausch & Lomb, a name that is well-known and highly respected in terms of healthcare brands all across the globe. Today, its revenues reach about $2.2 billion a year. It currently employs about 12,400 people worldwide and their products are available in over 100 countries.

Bausch & Lomb is dedicated to perfecting vision and at the same time enhancing the life of its consumers worldwide. Its product line up includes soft and rigid gas permeable contact lenses as well as other lens care products, along with ophthalmic surgical and pharmaceutical products.

Keep in mind that Bausch & Lomb’s Soflens 66 is still, in essence a contact lens. The first rule is to consult your eye doctor before you purchase any kind of lenses. Moreover, proper lens care is still required albeit not the long and intricate rituals those other contact lenses are associated with. When you purchase contact lenses, an eye care professional or at least a store member will be more than willing to teach you the proper way of cleaning, disinfecting as well as storing and replacing your contact lenses. So do not hesitate to ask for assistance. Now, as long as you follow their directions there is no need for worry.

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